Do you know which components are powered by a battery in a car?

Battery driven Car components

After the engine, a car battery can arguably be considered as the next major component of a vehicle. A car battery is nothing but a rechargeable battery that provides electrical energy for carrying out various tasks. The major role of a car battery is to power the Starting (S), Lighting (L) and Ignition (I) systems. For this reason, batteries are also classified as regular and SLI batteries, regular ones being used to power the non-essential electrical systems.

The battery supplies power to the starter motor, lighting and accessory systems even when the engine is not running. When cranking the engine up, the battery’s energy is used to operate the starter motor and provide current to the ignition system. When the vehicle is in motion, the battery is used to power the vehicle’s total electrical load.

So, while the starter motor and ignition system is well understood, let’s go into the details of the lighting components. All the lights including the small cabin lights on the roof of a car, headlights, tail-lights, indicators, boot light, lights on the infotainment/audio system and instrument cluster are powered by the battery. Other than this, the car horn is also directly dependent on the battery and hence, one will not be able to honk when the battery is weak or dead.

The battery has another important function of acting as a voltage stabilizer by absorbing changes in voltage in the vehicle’s electrical system. Without this, many of the electrical components might get damaged.

Now that you know how important a car’s battery is for its survival, it is time for you to look for a new battery for your car if the current one is too old or throwing tantrums at you by clicking here.

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