Covid-19 Crisis: Battery Care During Lockdown

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Battery failure doubles when the vehicle remains idle for long

Covid-19 Crisis: Battery Care During Lockdown

Batteries need action to stay in good nick, and if your car is standing idle amidst the ongoing lockdown its battery is the first thing that is most prone to suffer damage.

Electrical components in vehicles draw energy passively from the battery, even when the vehicle is not in use. So, to avoid a dead battery situation you need to simply start your vehicle every 4-5 days and let the engine idle for approximately 15 minutes to keep the battery charged.

Apart from keeping the battery charged, there are some other important aspects also that we should look into to avoid encountering battery problem:

  • A colder engine takes more out of the battery to start, so always try to start your car during the warmer part of the day.
  • Check the battery terminals under the bonnet for any signs of corrosion. Clean any corrosion and residue away from the terminals to allow a clean connection with the battery.
  • Check your battery’s age – most batteries have date codes and a battery that is more than five-year-old may be at risk of failure, especially if the car is making only short trips.

Let’s Face It, What To Do If You Have A Dead Battery

  • In case of a dead battery, you will have to jump-start your car
  • Always check your owner’s manual before doing anything. Also, if you find that the battery is corroded or leaking, avoid jump start and get a new battery later.
  • To jump-start a car you will need a jumper cable and another car with a working battery. Now take the positive end of the red-colored jumper cable to the terminal which has “POS” or “+” written on the dead battery
  • After this, connect the other end of the red cable to the same terminal in the car with the charged battery
  • Next, connect the black or negative clamp to the negative terminal on the charged battery.
  • Now, instead of connecting the remaining negative clamp to the dead battery, find an unpainted engine bolt or piece of vehicle’s frame and secure your clamp
  • Then start the car with a functional battery and keep it running for at least 2-3 minutes
  • Next, start the dead car and remove the cables carefully
  • Let the car run for at least 30 minutes so the battery gets recharged
  • Never jump start a battery if fluids are frozen. This could lead to an explosion.

General Vehicle And Self Care

While you take care of your vehicle, do not forget to take preventive measures against Covid-19. It is always utterly important to wear gloves and face mask and wash your hands properly with soap and sanitize them once you are done. Stay safe stay home.

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