How to Change a car battery?

Replacing a car battery is not a very big task as such. Anyone can perform a battery change without much of a hassle. However, precautions must be taken while performing the same due to harmful chemicals like sulphuric acid and the likes.So here are the steps that you can follow to change a car battery on your own:

1. Make sure that you will be working in a safe environment, away from sparks and any kind of flames. The car should be on a level surface.Always remember to put the parking brake on.

Put on the parking brake

2. Wear safety gloves and goggles as the sulphuric acid electrolyte solution can burn your hands. It also produces a flammable gas.

Wear safety gloves and goggles

3. Check you car manual to see what all electronic settings will be reset in the car. Settings tend to get affected when the battery is disconnected. A memory keeper can help in keeping all your data intact.

Check your car manual

4. After you pop open the hood, make sure you fit the prop rod to keep it open safely.

Pop open the hood

5. Remove the negative terminal of the old battery first with the help of a wrench and slide it off the terminal.

Remove the negative terminal

6. Disconnect the positive terminal next in the same manner.

Disconnect the positive terminal

7. Remove the battery holder and any other screws and clamps that are holding the battery in the tray.

Remove all screws

8. Take out the battery and make sure you have a helping hand as batteries tend to be a bit heavy for one person.

Take out the battery

9. Clean the battery tray and the terminal clamps with a brush and anti-corrosive fluid.

Clean the battery

10. Put the new battery inside the car with the same terminal (positive and negative) positions as the previous battery.

Put new battery inside the car

11. Connect the positive terminal first, tighten the clamp and apply some grease to prevent corrosion. Reconnect the negative terminal similarly.

Connect the positive terminal

12.Close the hood and start your car. Make sure all the electronic devices are working properly. If all’s well, then your done!

Start your car


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