Here’s how varying temperature affects your vehicle’s battery

A battery should be treated in the same as any other component of a vehicle. It means that rules like wear and tear, damage, efficient usage, etc. would apply to a battery as much as they would apply to various parts of the vehicle. This time around, we are here to talk about an important rule which concerns itself with temperature and its effects on a vehicle’s battery. Temperature is a variable factor when we talk about the lifespan of a certain product, in this case, a battery. In India, the variation in temperature can enhance the challenges faced by a vehicle’s battery. So, read on to find out how varying temperature can affect your vehicle’s battery:

Optimum temperature for Batteries

High temperature

During the summer season, northern India witnesses the kind of temperature spiking that is intolerable unless you are sitting in an air-conditioned room. This heat is enough to damage your vehicle’s battery too. Usually, optimum heat ensures accelerated chemical activity, which is what happens inside your vehicle’s battery. However, high temperature means speeding up of internal corrosion, as the electrolyte will start evaporating. This is especially true in the case of flooded-type batteries.

Low temperature

Low temperature causes chemical reaction in the battery to slow down. The primary reason why there is Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating on your battery is because it talks about the charge the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at zero degree Celsius after which it will shift to a specific cut-off voltage. When you go for battery replacement, you should look at this number and opt for a battery with higher CCA rating. But even for the current battery in use, this information is something you cannot afford to overlook.


1. The takeaway from this discussion is to maintain your vehicle’s battery for long-term use. In case you live in an area that has high temperature during summer season, try parking your car in shade and try not to drive for hours. This will help to cool down the battery and preserve its life.

2. When it comes to winter season, ensure that you get your vehicle serviced periodically. Periodical service would entail usage of fresh engine oil in the vehicle, leading to better engine response, especially when the car is to be fired up for the first time in the day. Old engine oil starts breaking down over time and can start freezing up inside the engine. This makes it tough on the engine to fire up in winter season and puts additional load on the battery.

We hope this helps you in understanding your role in increasing your vehicle’s battery life.


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