Winter is coming.. What’s your Cold Cranking Amp Rating?

Published On 27-Nov-2019 10:56:46By Anand Priyadarshi

Remember to measure cold-cranking amps before taking your vehicle to a freezing temperature..

Cold Cranking Amps

Winter is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about the health of your vehicle battery. Modern vehicle technology places a great demand on the automotive 12-V battery system. So how can you be sure that your vehicle battery has what it takes to start your vehicle each day without any trouble?

There is a rating for that – Cold Cranking Amps, or CCA, is a rating used in the battery industry to define a battery’s ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. The CCA rating is a more important consideration for those who belong to places with freezing temperatures.

 What Exactly is a Cold Cranking Amp?

There are two parameters to consider. Cold Cranking Amps rating of the battery denotes the peak current a battery can deliver for thirty seconds at -18 °C – basically the firepower of the battery in a quick burst. Then there is cranking amp which is the cranking amperes but at 0 °C.

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What you should know about Cold Cranking Amps?

A battery’s starting power deteriorates with age, so it makes sense to purchase a battery with higher starting power. While purchasing a battery for your vehicle, you need to look at the cold-cranking amps rather than hot cranking amps or cranking amps to compare the battery. Further, if you stay in an area that is unusually cold or you love taking your vehicle to places with sub-zero temperature, you should get a battery that has more cold cranking amps than necessary.

Batteries should be periodically tested for performance level and output. A battery that sits unused for a long period will self-discharge, even in moderate climates. The real damage occurs when a depleted battery’s electrolytes meet freezing temperature, cracking the internals and the case. So, always remember to measure cold-cranking amps before taking your vehicle to a freezing temperature.

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