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Exide offers 5 battery models for Bike. The cheapest Bike battery is Exide Xtreme which is priced at Rs 949. The most expensive Bike battery in the Exide portfolio is the (Exide Bikerz), which retails at Rs 2699.

Exide Bike Batteries Price List 2023

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SkutecRs.Price Coming Soon
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5 Bike Batteries Found

  • Exide Bikerz
    Exide Bikerz
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Bikerz Variants
  • Exide Electrica
    Exide Electrica
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Electrica Variants
  • Exide Skutec
    Exide Skutec
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Skutec Variants
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,3.0 Ah
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,4.0 Ah
  • Exide Xtreme
    Exide Xtreme
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Xtreme Variants
  • Exide Xplore
    Exide Xplore
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Xplore Variants
  • About Exide Bike Batteries

    Currently the largest manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in India and the fourth largest in the world, Exide is one of the oldest and most trusted homegrown brands in the battery business of India. Currently, Exide has eight manufacturing facilities in India – one each in Tamil Nadu and Haryana, two each in Maharashtra, West Bengal and Uttarakhand. It also has international manufacturing facilities, with two factories in the USA and one-one factory in Portugal and Spain.


    The journey of Exide Industries started in 1953 as Associated Battery Makers (Eastern). Initially, the company used to buy business assets of buyers, sellers and makers of electrical and chemical appliances and goods with Chloride Electric Storage Company India Ltd. As per an agreement with Chloride Electric Storage Company, the Associated Battery Makers Ltd was renamed Chloride India Ltd in 1972 and was again renamed Chloride Industries Ltd in 1988. The company got its final rebranding as Exide Industries Ltd in 1995. Apart from carrying out the original operations, the company started making storage batteries, and since then, it has become the largest producer of automotive batteries in the country. Exide makes batteries for all possible vehicles, including four-wheeler passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, tractors and heavy and light commercial vehicles. Following are all the types of vehicle batteries that Exide is offering right now in India:

    Passenger Car Batteries

    Exide Epiq

    This battery is made of corrosion-resistant Penta alloy and uses a special paste for its negative and positive plates. The double-clad polyethylene and glass mad separation in the battery ensures a longer life span, while the Omega type cover design with Venturi type chamber cover restricts the chances of spillage. Exide claims that this battery doesn’t require a freshening charge for up to six months, with the warranty offered to be 77 months. The battery is available in two ratings of 35 Ah and 74 Ah.

    Exide Matrix

    The Matrix is a maintenance-free battery that employs a Ca-Ca system. For a higher life expectancy, the battery uses a special paste for its negative and positive plates. The overall life span of the battery is further enhanced by double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation, while spillage of acid is prevented by an Omega type cover design with a Venturi type chamber cover. Available in three ratings of 35 Ah, 45 Ah and 100 Ah, the warranty offered on Exide Matrix is up to 66 months.

    Exide Mileage

    One of the most robust and reliable passenger vehicle batteries available in the market right now, the Exide Mileage features a side vented cover design for preventing spillage and double-clad separation for better durability in the longer run. The battery also features a "Magic Eye", through which one can determine electrolyte level and the present state of charge, which is quite helpful in knowing the exact condition of the battery at a given time. The Exide Mileage is available in various ratings ranging between 35-80 Ah and comes with a 55-month warranty.

    Exide Eezy

    Another popular battery from Exide for cars and SUVs, the Exide Eezy is made of an alloy of lead, tin and calcium, which promises a higher cranking current. For excellent corrosion resistance, the battery uses punched plates from rolled sheets. To ensure no short circuits take place, this battery has effective flame arrestors, which have a microporous filter disc in its vent openings. Thanks to the low self-discharge, the battery can start the vehicle even after long durations of idleness. Offered with a warranty of up to 44 months, the Eezy is available with 33-90 Ah ratings.

    Commercial Vehicle Batteries

    Exide Gold

    The Exide Gold can sustain stringent Indian climatic conditions, with factors like a polypropylene container and corners inforced with ribs contributing to its sturdiness. While an Omega tyre cover design with Venturi type chamber cover takes care of any spillage, the compact design of the battery withstands higher operational vibrations. The battery is available in a wide range of ratings between 32-180 Ah and an 18-month warranty.

    Exide Xpress

    Like the Gold, the Exide Xpress also has a container made of polypropylene. It, along with the strengthened corners and hybrid alloy system, makes the battery suitable enough for varying climatic conditions. The double-clad separation reinforced with a textured glass mat improves the life cycle. At the same time, the unique tree radial grid design and unique paste chemistry improve the recharging ability of the battery while it is in use. The battery is on offer in ratings between 80-200 Ah and a 36-month warranty.

    Exide Jai Kisan

    Exclusively made for tractors, the Exide Jai Kisan is a leak-proof, factory charged battery, with its cables and housing fully protected from acid fumes. Since tractors are put to heavy use in varying climatic conditions, this battery has a rugged construction to resist the shakes and jolts which the tractor undergoes while in motion. This battery offers a warranty period of 36 months and a rating range of 75-99 Ah.

    Exide Cabby –

    Introduced for smaller commercial vehicles, the Exide Cabby is suitable to use at high under-bonnet and varying outside temperatures. The special side vented cover design of this battery makes it spill-resistant, while the double-clad separation is the reason behind its high reliability. It is available in ratings between 35-66 Ah and has a warranty of 12 months.

    Exide Eko

    This battery is specially designed for three-wheelers and is best suited for operating in Indian climatic conditions with its special hybrid alloy and container made of polypropylene. The rib-free separator profile, which is reinforced with a texturized glass mat, offers it the ability to improve its life span. On the other hand, the micro-porous filter disc in vent openings works to prevent acid fumes, which could otherwise damage the battery by short-circuiting. Available in ratings between 32-60 Ah, the Eko comes with a warranty period of 18 months.

    Two-Wheeler Batteries

    Exide Xplore

    One of the best two-wheeler batteries available, the Exide Xplore uses a revolutionary gas recombination system, which gives it a maintenance-free character. While the advanced lead-calcium technology enables it for achieving low self-discharge, the unique flame arrestor inspired by bigger batteries keeps it safe in strenuous operating conditions. The battery is available in 2.5-14 Ah ratings and comes with a 48-month warranty.

    Exide Bikerz

    An even better option for performance-oriented motorcycles is the Exide Bikerz. This battery offers a super-sealed housing, within which the absorbed glass mat separator ensures that the battery lasts long and performs consistently. To make sure it performs optimally without water loss, the battery uses advanced lead-calcium technology and operates in acid starved conditions. The battery is on offer with a 36-month warranty and can be had in a rating between 2.5-9 Ah.
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