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Exide offers 5 battery models for Bike. The cheapest Bike battery is Exide Xtreme which is priced at Rs 949. The most expensive Bike battery in the Exide portfolio is the (Exide Bikerz), which retails at Rs 2699.

Exide Bike Batteries Price List 2021

ElectricaRs.Price Coming Soon
SkutecRs.Price Coming Soon
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5 Bike Batteries Found

  • Exide Bikerz
    Exide Bikerz
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Bikerz Variants
  • Exide Electrica
    Exide Electrica
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Electrica Variants
  • Exide Skutec
    Exide Skutec
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Skutec Variants
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,3.0 Ah
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,4.0 Ah
  • Exide Xtreme
    Exide Xtreme
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Xtreme Variants
  • Exide Xplore
    Exide Xplore
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Exide Xplore Variants
  • About Exide Bike Batteries

    Exide is a name associated with quality, when it comes to batteries, in India. Be it any type of battery, from automotive to UPS/inverter ones, it is the name of Exide that Indian masses recall at the first instant. The popularity of Exide is so much that, as far as cars are concerned, almost every major manufacturer uses Exide battery on its cars. But how did Exide become this popular? A little history check is in order.




    Exide came to existence back in 1880. It was not called Exide back then though. What happened was a result of a major event which took place in 1860 – the discovery of lead acid battery. At that time, lead chloride was used as the active material inside the batteries. The production of lead acid batteries began in the 1880s. The company, now called Exide, was called Chloride Electrical Storage Syndicate. Since oxide was critical to making of lead acid batteries, the company coined the name Exide – an acronym for Excellent Oxide. Then it began circulating all over the world due to Industrial Revolution in the British Empire.

    In India, Chloride Electrical Storage Syndicate set up shop as Chloride Electrical Storage Company (CESCO) in 1916. The first manufacturing facility was set up by CESCO in 1947 and it also marked the birth of Associated Battery Makers Eastern Limited (ABMEL). Exide was one of th principal brands of ABMEL, the other being Dagenite (for Rolls Royce). A second factory in 1969 made ABMEL meet demands from the market.

    In 1972, ABMEL became Chloride India Limited. In 1995, Chloride Industries Limited became Exide Industries Limited and merged the identity with its most popular brand – Exide.


    Back to present


    Today, Exide has 9 manufacturing units and one Research and Development facility in India. Exide offers batteries for almost every application – from golf carts to even submarines. Indian Railways also relies on Exide for its needs. On this day, Exide offers a service called Batmobile to provide services for broken-down cars across India.


    Batteries on offer


    Exide today offers a good number of batteries for cars and motorcycles/scooters. Here are they:



         1.Exide Matrix

         2.Exide Mileage

         3.Exide Little Champ

         4.Exide Xpress

         5.Exide Jai Kisan

         6.Exide Jai Kisan Shakti



         1.Exide Explore

         2.Exide Extreme

         3.Exide Bikerz

         4.Exide Skutec

         5.Exide Electrica


    So, as you can understand by now, Exide has a rich history behind it and that is what makes it a name that every Indian can place his/her faith on. If this makes you opt for Exide batteries, click here to find the the right battery for your vehicle.


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