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Exide offers 5 battery models for Bike. The cheapest Bike battery is Hella FF48 2.5AH which is priced at Rs 915. The most expensive Bike battery in the Hella portfolio is the (Hella FF48 9AH), which retails at Rs 1920.

Hella Bike Batteries Price List 2023

FF48 2.5AHRs.915-915
FF48 3AHRs.1050-1050
FF48 4AHRs.1225-1225
FF48 5AHRs.1310-1310
FF48 9AHRs.1920-1920
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5 Bike Batteries Found

  • Hella FF48 2.5AH
    Hella FF48 2.5AH
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Hella FF48 2.5AH Variant
  • Hella FF48 3AH
    Hella FF48 3AH
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Hella FF48 3AH Variant
  • Hella FF48 4AH
    Hella FF48 4AH
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Hella FF48 4AH Variant
  • Hella FF48 5AH
    Hella FF48 5AH
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Hella FF48 5AH Variant
  • Hella FF48 9AH
    Hella FF48 9AH
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Hella FF48 9AH Variant
  • About Hella Bike Batteries

    Hella is a German multinational automotive part supplier and one of the largest retail organizations for automotive parts and accessories across Europe. The brand is one of the leading battery suppliers in India with major OEM partners, including Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Renault, Ford, Nissan, Tata Motors, Lumax, and Honda. Hella has two manufacturing plants in India; one in Dhankot, Gurgaon, and another in Becharji, Gujarat, with a corporate office headquartered in Gurugram. The company’s operation is in over 100 locations and more than 35 countries, including the economic regions of Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific and NAFTA/South America. History The company was founded in 1899 and initially started as a producer of ball horns, candles and kerosene lamps for carriages. The brand name first appeared in 1908 as a hallmark for acetylene headlights, and in 1986, the name Hella was included in the company’s moniker. The firm started to expand after the first world war, and the first subsidiary was founded in 1951, with the first foreign production plant established in 1961 in Australia. Since 1990, the automotive brand has partnered with several other auto part suppliers, with the French automotive equipment maker acquiring 60 per cent stakes in Hella in 2021 worth 6.7 billion Euros. In India, the company was established in 2005 as Hella India Automotive and has a presence among key automobile hubs in India. Apart from investment in several automotive verticals in the country, energy management is one of its core competencies. Hella produces batteries for passenger cars and two-wheelers. Some of the batteries for cars and two-wheelers are mentioned below: Passenger Car Batteries Hella FF18 The FF stands for Fit N Forget, which is a sturdy range of car batteries, having high cranking power, and increased heat resistance. The FF18 series of batteries comes factory charged and ready to use, and their high reserve capacity makes them one of the best in their category. The battery comes with zero maintenance, which makes them a perfect choice for Indian cars, while low corrosion and longer life are ensured by Silver Alloys (SILVEN X). The BIC vents further enhance safety. The battery comes in the capacity of 35Ah-65Ah and has a warranty of up to 60 months. Hella FF36 It is another iteration of the Fit N Forget, which is made for mass-market passenger cars in India. The FF26 battery range is blessed with heat-resisting technology and comes with high cranking power. The factory charged ready-to-use characteristic makes it stand out from the crowd. The battery comes with zero maintenance which means living up to the expectations of the extreme weather conditions. And with capacity ranging from 35-65Ah and a warranty of up to 60 months, peace of mind is guaranteed. Hella FF48 Hella FF48 is a special battery designed with a unique reformulated Advanta paste recipe that makes it capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. The battery is specially made for popular hatchbacks and SUVs in India and features unbeatable high cranking power. It comes under the maintenance-free category, and the premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) make sure it long longer than one would expect. For further safety, the battery features BIC vents, and is able to resist heat and vibration from harsh Indian road conditions. The battery is available in the capacity range of 35-66Ah and offers a warranty cover of up to 60 months. Hella FF60 The FF60 range of batteries is produced using cutting-edge technology to give optimum performance in challenging weather conditions of India. With high cranking power, high corrosion resistance, and increased heat and vibration tolerance, the FF60 is one of its kind. Manufactured under strict quality control, the battery features special silver alloys (SILVEN X) that ensures longer life, while the BIC vents further provide room to allow harmful gasses to exit the battery and retain electrolyte levels. The Hella FF60 comes with a capacity of 45-74Ah and a trouble-free warranty of up to 60 months. Commercial Vehicle Batteries Hella Supreme The Hella Supreme battery is specially crafted for powering commercial fleets from trucks, buses, coaches, vans, fire engines and construction vehicles. The unparalleled capacity of 140-225Ah makes it a unique product with minimum downtime, which means cost reduction in the long run. The Supreme comes with high vibration resistance and is designed for the high power requirements of commercial vehicles. Hella Premium Loaded with state-of-the-art OE technology, the Hella Premium meets the high vibration resistance requirements. The battery is designed for high-performance commercial vehicles that need standard power ranging from 95Ah to 225Ah. This battery combines quality, affordability and durability, all in one. Hella Classic The Classic is specifically produced for standard commercial vehicles and is ideal for vehicles with low energy requirements. As compared to traditional batteries, the Classic delivers stable power flow and extended life. With outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical performance, the battery prevents short circuits and grid growth. Hella Classic is available in the capacity of 154Ah. Two-Wheeler Batteries Hella FF48 The Fit & Forget battery range is also available for the huge two-wheelers market in India. The FF48 series of batteries for bikes is made using cutting-edge VRLA (Valve Regular Lead Acid) technology that employs the principle of oxygen recombination, preventing loss of electrolyte, and offering zero maintenance. The high cranking power, high heat tolerance, increased corrosion resistance and maintenance-free characteristic makes it one of the unique products in its class. The battery is available in the capacity range of 2.5Ah to 9Ah and has warranty coverage of up to 60 months, which means it will last long.
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