Hella FF48 42B20R 010.021-331 Battery

Hella FF48 42B20R 010.021-331 Battery


  • Dimensions 197x129x227 (mm)
  • Nominal Filled Weight 10. kg
  • Capacity 35.0 Ah
  • Orientation Right Layout
  • Warranty 48 Months
*Estimated Price, without returning old battery

  • High Cranking Power

  • Maintenance Free Batteries

  • High Heat Tolerance

  • Vibration Resistance

  • BIC vents for enhanced safety

  • Long Life

  • Highest Reserve Capacity

  • Factory Charged

  • Ready to use


    HELLA Fit & Forget batteries (FF-48) are perfect for Indian cars that have to withstand extreme weather conditions & are designed with reformulated Advanta paste recipe. High cranking power ensures starting in any weather conditions. Premium silver alloys (SILVEN X) ensure low-corrosion and make it durable. These batteries come factory charged and have BIC vents that enhance safety.