A car battery is as much a thing of amazement as any other part of the vehicle. It is responsible for not just running the various electrical systems on your car but also ensuring they retain your

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-06-22 11:22:00

There are a number of battery makers in India which have manufacture different batteries. Some of these batteries find their way in a car while the vehicle is on the assembly line. However, there are

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-04-07 11:39:03

Like everything on a car, even the battery has to go bad (or dead, in this case). But  what if it is not dead and simply out of juice? You can never know for sure if you do not know the signs that

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-04-07 11:35:01

A car battery looks like a box with some art-work on the outside. But inside, there is a whole lot of chemistry (literally) at work. There are cathode and anode plates kept away from each other by

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-04-05 11:33:14

Do-It-Yourself or DIY is a strange concept. It tells you what you can do but places no importance on taking precautions as a basic principle. Take, for example, disconnecting a car’s battery

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-04-04 13:34:44

Changing your car’s battery is, first and foremost, a deliberate decision. You make such a decision after having understood that it is needed. However, how you decide that is a big question.

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-03-29 10:59:17

Any vehicle on the road has a battery to either power it and/or the various onboard electrical systems. However, the battery, if not recharged, will stop powering all systems of a car. This is where

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-03-29 10:56:23

Sometimes, when you park your car and leave it that way for some time, you return to find that you left an electrical accessory or two on which has/have drained the battery of all its energy. You

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-03-29 10:48:30

A lot of people do not know how important a battery is for a vehicle. It is not because they do not want to know but because they never have seen the real deal – a battery helping in starting a

By Anand Priyadarshi2015-11-17 12:17:27
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