Tata Green Batteries

Tata Green Batteries produces a wide range of batteries for Car and Bike. At BatteryDekho, we have 4 different Tata Green Car Batteries models and 2 different Tata Green Bike Batteries models. The most expensive Tata Green battery is Silver Plus priced at 7100. Most popular models for Tata Green includes Tata Green Velocity, Tata Green Silver, Tata Green Velocity Plus, Tata Green Nano and Tata Green Silver XT. Select a Tata Green battery to find out its latest price, specifications, images and more. Also, compare with other battery brands like ACDelco, Amaron, Base and Exide. Find best batteries from over 300 dealers across 3567 cities in India.

Tata Green Batteries Price List 2023

VelocityRs.Price Coming Soon
Velocity PlusRs.Price Coming Soon
Silver XTRs.3649-5840
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Tata Green Batteries Price

  • Tata Green Velocity
    Tata Green Velocity
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Tata Green Velocity Variants
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      36 Months,NA,9.0 Ah
    • Rs.1275*
      36 Months,NA,5.0 Ah
    • Rs.1465*
      36 Months,NA,7.0 Ah
  • Tata Green Silver
    Tata Green Silver
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Tata Green Silver Variants
    • Rs.3015*
      12 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3015*
      12 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3199*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3199*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.5312*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5312*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
  • Tata Green Velocity Plus
    Tata Green Velocity Plus
    RsPrice Coming Soon
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Tata Green Velocity Plus Variants
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,3.0 Ah
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,3.5 Ah
    • Rs.Price Coming Soon*
      48 Months,NA,5.0 Ah
  • Tata Green Nano
    Tata Green Nano
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Tata Green Nano Variant
    • Rs.3600*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,25.0 Ah
  • Tata Green Silver XT
    Tata Green Silver XT
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    Tata Green Silver XT Variants
    • Rs.3649*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3649*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.5840*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5840*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
  • Tata Green Silver Plus
    Tata Green Silver Plus
    Warranty : 60 Months
    Contact Dealer
    Tata Green Silver Plus Variants
    • Rs.3799*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3799*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3900*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.4675*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,44.0 Ah
    • Rs.4675*
      48 Months,Right Layout ,44.0 Ah
    • Rs.5544*
      24 Months,Left Layout ,54.0 Ah
    • Rs.5544*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,54.0 Ah
    • Rs.5712*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.5712*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.5860*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5920*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,45.0 Ah
    • Rs.6249*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.6249*
      48 Months,Right Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.6258*
      24 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.6258*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.7100*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,74.0 Ah
  • About Tata Green Batteries

    Tata Green batteries

    The 90s was a duration, in which many prominent battery makers began to operate on Indian soil. One such name was that of Tata Green. Backed by one of the most glorious industrial houses of India, the Tata Group, Tata Green Batteries is one of the key players in manufacturing batteries for two-wheelers, passenger vehicles and utility vehicles. Born as a joint venture between an Indian and a Japanese company, Tata Green has had an illustrious run to date and has been an authorized OEM supplier of a few big automakers in India.


    Tata Green commenced its operations with the establishment of a joint venture between India-based Tata AutoComp and Japan-based GS YUASA International. Both these companies joined their hands in 2005, which led to the foundation of “Tata Green Batteries”. While Tata AutoComp is an integral part of Tata Motors of India and has a good experience of playing its role in the Indian automotive industry, GS YUASA Corporation is one of the leading battery development and production facilities from Japan and has its own experience of being of the most popular battery makers of Asia. While Tata Green was formed in 2005, the series production of batteries for passenger vehicles and utility vehicles started in 2006. In 2007, Tata Green entered into the competition of making batteries for two-wheelers. In later years, Tata Green became an official OEM supplier of batteries for prominent carmakers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Toyota, Honda two-wheelers, Yamaha and Jawa.


    In its not-so-long duration of operations, Tata Green has won many accolades with its consistency. The battery maker has won awards like “Emerging Industry Leader” in the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) assessment in May 2021. It was also covered under “Inspirational Brands: Make in India” series showed by CNBC. It has also partnered with the state governments of Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal for supplying batteries for their road transport buses.

    About Tata Green batteries

    In its record till date, Tata Green has been an OEM supplier for a few automobile companies. However, the battery maker has expanded its footprint in the business by making standard batteries suitable for a range of motorcycles and cars of all kinds. Currently, Tata Green has a lineup comprising of three batteries, which are as follows:

    Tata Green Velocity Plus

    Specially made for entry-level two-wheelers, the Tata Green Velocity Plus comes in ratings between 2.5 Ah to 20 Ah. This 12V battery is of a maintenance-free kind, which eliminates the requirement of refilling of water and offers a leak-proof casing to avoid spillage of acid. For a prolonged life and resistance to vibrations, while riding, the Velocity Plus features Ca-Ca technology. The battery provides more starting power and is capable of bearing extra load capacity even in a lower charge. Following are the different iterations of Velocity Plus battery available-
    • Velocity Plus YT5A (5Ah)
    • Velocity Plus TG9D (9 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ7 (6 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ6V-H (5 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ4-H (3 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ4 (3 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus TG2.5D (2.5 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus TGZ9 (8 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ5 (4 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus TG7D (7 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ7-H (6 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus YTZ10-S (9.1 Ah)
    • Velocity Plus GYZ20L (20 Ah)

    Tata Green Premio

    Developed for all kinds of vehicles, the Tata Premio has a corrosion-resistant plate design, which ensures it lives long with no possibility of rusting due to acid spillage out of the battery. For a higher CCA, the Premio DIN65L has a more active composite material. At the same time, the PE and glass mat separator ensures a longer life span. Following are the different versions of the Tata Green Premio on sale:
    • Premio 70D26R (70 Ah)
    • Premio 38B20R (35 Ah)
    • Premio 70D26L (70 Ah)
    • Premio 40B20L (35 Ah)
    • Premio 40B20R (35 Ah)
    • Premio 38B20L (35 Ah)
    • Premio 46B24LS (45 Ah)
    • Premio 65D26R (65 Ah)
    • Premio 80D31L (80 Ah)
    • Premio 34B19L-AM (32 Ah)
    • Premio 80D31R (80 Ah)
    • Premio DIN60R (60 Ah)
    • Premio 34B19L-M (32 Ah)
    • Premio 34B20L-M (32 Ah)
    • Premio DIN50L(L1) (50 Ah)
    • Premio DIN44L (44 Ah)
    • Premio DIN44R (44 Ah)
    • Premio DIN65L (65 Ah)
    • Premio 34B20L-AM (32 Ah)
    • Premio 65D26L (65 Ah)
    • Premio DIN60L (60 Ah)

    Tata Green SLV

    Claiming to have best CCA in its range even in extreme weather conditions, the Tata Green SLV is a battery range primarily engineered for bigger SUVs. The battery has been developed using YUASA’s advanced technology, which promises world-class low maintenance and hassle-free operation. Following are the different variants of Tata Green SLV on offer:
    • SLV 1000R (90 Ah)
    • SLV 900R (80 Ah)
    • SLV 600L (55 Ah)

    Tata Green TG

    Available for compact and midsize sedans and SUVs, the Tata Green TG features YUASA’s patented vent plugs which assure you of zero leakages. This particular feature makes them sturdy options for tough Indian conditions, which make them durable in the long run. Further reliability is assured by its unique lead antimony, which reduces the possibilities of corrosion. Here are the options of Tata Green TG which you can consider:
    • TG 700R (65 Ah)
    • TG 350L (32 Ah)
    • TG 350R (32 Ah)
    • TG 800R (80 Ah)
    • TG 700L (65 Ah)

    Availability of Tata Green batteries

    All the options of Tata Green Batteries are listed on BatteryDekho, where you can see all the details regarding the composition, dimensions, features and specifications of the options available. Apart from these essential details, you can also find the details of authorized stores in various cities, from where you can purchase Tata Green Batteries.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Green Batteries

    How long can an Tata Green battery last?

    The lifespan of a battery totally depends upon vehicles condition. If you do a regular check Tata Green battery should last for about 4-5 years.

    How to check Tata Green battery warranty?

    Battery warranty differs according to model and manufacturer. Contact battery dealer or manufacturer for warranty details.

    How to check original Tata Green battery?

    Look for serial number on the battery and the same should be printed on the original bill as well. This will tell you whether battery is original or not.

    Which Tata Green battery is best?

    Tata Green Velocity , Tata Green Silver , Tata Green Velocity Plus , Tata Green Nano and Tata Green Silver XT are some of the best Tata Green battery available in market.

    How can I check Tata Green battery capacity?

    Battery capacity is printed on the label along with other information.

    Is Tata Green Battery repairable?

    Most battery these days are maintenance free. However, if your battery is not functioning properly, you can contact the dealer or the manufacturer for further assistance.

    What is the price of Tata Green battery?

    Priced at Rs 1275 Tata Green Velocity is the cheapest battery, while the most expensive battery is Tata Green Silver Plus, which is priced at Rs 7100.
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