Tata Green Batteries for Cars

Tata Green offers 6 battery models and 27 battery variants for car. The cheapest car battery is Tata Green Silver TG400L which is priced at Rs 3015. The most expensive car battery in the Tata Green portfolio is the Tata Green (Silver Plus DIN74L), which retails at Rs 7100.
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Among the battery makers for cars in India, we have one name which has a legacy of its own. This name has been a big player in the automobile sector in India and it has been able to show its might to the world as well. This player is known as Tata and one of its companies works in the field of automotive batteries. This company is called Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd. Or TGY in short – a JV between Tat AutoComp Systems Ltd. and GS Yuasa International of Japan – to make Tata Green batteries.



Tata AutoComp and GS Yuasa came together in October 2003 to start as Tat AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt. Ltd. (TGY). In November 2006, Tata Green brand was born, followed by commencement of production in December 2006. in 2007, TGY brought out Two-wheeler and tractor batteries. February 2008 marked the launch of commercial vehicle batteries by TGY.


Back to present-

Today, TGY has Premio, Silver Plus, Silver XT and Silver AGM batteries. It offers warranty of 18 months on Silver, 36 months on Silver XT, 48 months on Silver Plus and 60 months on Premio car batteries. As far as two-wheeler batteries are concerned, TGY makes Velocity and Velocity Plus batteries. Velocity Plus is an AGM-type maintenance-free battery while Velocity is a regular lead acid battery.


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