Amaron Batteries for Cars

Amaron offers 8 battery models and 37 battery variants for car. The cheapest car battery is Amaron FRESH FR400LMF which is priced at Rs 2949. The most expensive car battery in the Amaron portfolio is the Amaron (PRO 600131087), which retails at Rs 14299.
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Amaron is the name every person in India has heard of, if not the one that comes to their head when talking about batteries. But few people know the name behind the brand Amaron. Amara Raja Batteries Limited, a company under the Amara Raja Group of Companies, makes Amaron batteries in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc. Amara Raja and Johnson Controls have been in a joint venture to produce batteries since December 1997. But how did it come to be?



Back in 1985, Amara Raja Power Systems Ltd came into existence. By 1989, it had under its supervision, an industrial battery division. By 1992, Amara Raja Power Ltd designed a battery and started manufacturing it at a facility. 1997 is marked by one of the most important events in Amara Raja Power Ltd's life when it entered a joint venture with Johnson Controls Inc. 1998 signified the existence of an automotive battery division of Amara Raja. In January 2000, Amara Raja launched Amaron automotive batteries in Indian market.

In October 2004, Amara Raja signed an agreement with Maruti Suzuki to become the OE battery supplier for its cars. In June 2005, Amara Raja became the OE battery supplier for Hyundai as well. August 2005 witnessed the launch of NK series limited editions batteries by Amara Raja. Amara Raja gave Amaron batteries a visual overhaul in December 2007. In 2008, a small battery division was formed and a facility to manufacture two-wheeler batteries was put to use. In March 2009, Amaron tied up with Tata International to supply batteries in African markets.


Back to present-

Amaron is India's second largest battery maker. However, it pioneered the introduction of Zero Maintenance technology in India's automotive battery sector. Amaron batteries can be identified by the distinct shade of green used on the battery cases, something that has not changed in a long time. As opposed to the regular technologies used in maintenance-free batteries, Amaron batteries use an oxygen recombination process to ensure water loss in the battery is kept to a minimum.

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