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Battery failure doubles when the vehicle remains idle for long Batteries need action to stay in good nick, and if your car is standing idle amidst the ongoing lockdown its battery is the first thing

By Anand Priyadarshi2020-05-06 10:36:32

Mahindra Pavillion features 3 production-ready electric vehicles After releasing teasers before the Auto Expo 2020, Mahindra finally unwrapped its wide range of electric vehicles at the ongoing

By BatteryDekho Team2020-02-11 11:59:05

Remember to measure cold-cranking amps before taking your vehicle to a freezing temperature.. Winter is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about the health of your vehicle

By Anand Priyadarshi2019-11-27 10:56:46

The importance of your vehicle’s battery is a topic worth discussion. A battery is important for a vehicle due to three reasons. Powering the electrical systems and cranking your vehicle to

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-01-22 09:37:45

A car’s battery is responsible for running a lot of electrical systems, be it whether the car’s engine is running or not. A car’s battery needs to be charged fully to retain its

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-01-09 09:07:19

There are are various parts of a vehicle that need to be cared for, like engine, suspension, tyres, etc. One of those components is the vehicle’s battery. Apart from powering the electrical

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-01-06 09:11:40

An automotive battery is an interesting piece of hardware. It is not because of the fact that nobody prefers to talk about it until the day it gives up. It is also not because of the fact that

By Anand Priyadarshi2015-12-25 10:19:21
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