Base Batteries for Cars

Base offers 3 battery models and 27 battery variants for car. The cheapest car battery is Base Magik 40B20L which is priced at Rs 2858. The most expensive car battery in the Base portfolio is the Base (Magik 100 DIN), which retails at Rs 10101.
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Among the more known battery names is Base, a company based out of Bengaluru and having its manufacturing facility in Solan, Himachal Pradesh (there is one more Base facility in India). Like every battery maker, it also deals in providing batteries across sectors and is not limited to automobiles only. Base has also supplied batteries to former Formula One racing team Hispania (HRT).

Apart from the fact that Base came into existence in 1987, nothing much is known about the brand's history as such.

Among its offerings, Base has five battery offerings – three for cars and two for two-wheelers. One offering for each vehicle type is regular acid type and the others are maintenance-free batteries. However, all of them come with cases that are vibration-proof to ensure the battery does not get 


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