Okaya Wheelz Batteries for Cars

Okaya Wheelz offers 1 battery models and 7 battery variants for car. The cheapest car battery is Okaya Wheelz OW 350 R which is priced at Rs 3490. The most expensive car battery in the Okaya Wheelz portfolio is the Okaya Wheelz (OW 800), which retails at Rs 5740.
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Read about Okaya Wheelz batteries

Okaya power is the name behind Okaya batteries. Do you know what else is that name behind? Okaya is the name behind Microtek as well. This makes Okaya one of the most trusted battery names in the Indian market, almost on the same level as Exide. The question that would come to your mind is since when Okaya started making batteries for cars. Before we answer that question, we should tell you that Okaya is perhaps the only battery brand not offering anything for other vehicles except passenger cars. 



Okaya had presence in India since 1996 with Microtek UPS but it was in 2002 that it started making batteries too. It took them eight full years after that when, in 2010, they started making batteries for cars as well. Along the way, Okaya started making water purifiers under Nasaka brand name and put in place a software export unit as well.


Back to present-

Okaya only makes maintenance-free batteries today and markets them under the brand name Wheelz. Since it is too new to the car battery market, Okaya has not been able to find its footing in the market. It is just a matter of time, however, before people start taking note of Okaya and its brand Wheelz as Okaya has always been making good quality products.


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