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Read about SF Sonic batteries

SF Sonic batteries are brought to you by the Exide Group of companies. Yes, that is the same name behind Exide batteries too. Why two companies doing the same work is beyond us but do not think of SF batteries as rebadged versions of Exide batteries or vice-versa. While some manufacturing facilities are indeed shared by the two, different Research and Development Centres along with different grid designs, paste formulation, etc. keeps them both apart as separate entities. SF in SF Sonic stands for Standard-Furukawa (a JV with Japanese brand Furukawa batteries).



The company SF Sonic came into existence in 1998. Nothing much is known beyond this point except that SF Sonic caters to the needs of Volkswagen and Jaguar-Land Rover while Exide caters to the rest of the OEMs.


Back to present-

SF Sonic makes batteries for passenger cars, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles and tractors. As far as passenger car batteries are concerned, it makes five batteries – Flash Start 1800, Flash Start 1440, Flash Start 1080, Cruiser 540 and Cruiser 360. Of these, Flash Start 1800, 1440 and 1080 are maintenance-free. As far as warranties are concerned, Flash Start 1800 Flash Start 1440, Flash Start 1080, Cruiser 540 and Cruiser 360 come with 60, 36, 24, 18 and 12 months' warranty, respectively.Coming to two-wheelers, SF Sonic offers three batteries – Mobiker 1440, Mobiker 1080 and Mobiker 540. Of these Mobiker 1440 and 1080 are maintenance-free. As far as warranties are concerned, Mobiker 1440, 1080 and 540 come with 48, 48 and 18 months' warranty, respectively.


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