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ACDelco produces a wide range of Car and Bike batteries. At BatteryDekho, We have different 1 ACDelco Car Batteries models and 1 ACDelco Bike Batteries models. Select a ACDelco battery to find out its latest price, specifications, images and more.

ACDelco Batteries Price List 2021

Sealed VRLARs.917-1935
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ACDelco Batteries Price

  • ACDelco HMF
    ACDelco HMF
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    ACDelco HMF Variants
    • Rs.3082*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,32.0 Ah
    • Rs.3124*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,38.0 Ah
    • Rs.3124*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,38.0 Ah
    • Rs.3389*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3389*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3879*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3879*
      48 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3947*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.4260*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4260*
      24 Months,Left Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4352*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4894*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,44.0 Ah
    • Rs.5229*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,75.0 Ah
    • Rs.5367*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,50.0 Ah
    • Rs.5461*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5462*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5642*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,90.0 Ah
    • Rs.5714*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5714*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5984*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,75.0 Ah
    • Rs.6119*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.6245*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.6332*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.6375*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,90.0 Ah
    • Rs.6376*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,55.0 Ah
    • Rs.6816*
      60 Months,Right Layout ,45.0 Ah
    • Rs.6870*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,45.0 Ah
    • Rs.7134*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,100.0 Ah
    • Rs.9022*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,74.0 Ah
    • Rs.9455*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.15404*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,100.0 Ah
  • ACDelco Sealed VRLA
    ACDelco Sealed VRLA
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    ACDelco Sealed VRLA Variants
  • About ACDelco Batteries

    ACDelco is a world-class leader in the automotive spare-parts business, with a long and successful history that dates back to 1899. The knowledge and expertise was introduced in 1997 as a part of General Motors India initiative in “All Makes All Models” aftermarket parts business. ACDelco range is spread over multi product lines offering around 80% of the light repair and maintenance automotive parts that include Batteries, Lubricants, Filters, Brake Pads, etc. So, it is time to know more about this brand.



    ACDelco was originally founded by Albert Champion in 1899 and named as United Motor Service till it became a part of General Motors in 1916. In 1974, United Delco Division was renamed to ACDelco – a combination of United Delco and AC and eventually got its new logo in 1995, which continues to this day. In 1996 in one of the most shocking revelations, an ACDelco battery, which was submerged in Lake Michigan for over 50 years was found to still be able to power electrical systems. Thereafter in 1997, ACDelco got its new world headquarters in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA. In 2016, ACDelco proudly celebrated its centenary & global leadership in aftermarket parts business.


    Back to present-

    ACDelco currently offer batteries for both cars and two-wheelers. It has a full range of maintenance free & semi maintenance free range of batteries for “all makes all models” Indian car parc. ACDelco's VRLA range of two-wheeler batteries are maintenance-free & highly durable.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on ACDelco

    How long can an ACDelco battery last?

    The lifespan of a battery totally depends upon vehicles condition. If you do a regular check ACDelco battery should last for about 4-5 years.

    How to check ACDelco battery warranty?

    Battery warranty differs according to model and manufacturer. Contact battery dealer or manufacturer for warranty details.

    How to check original ACDelco battery?

    Look for serial number on the battery and the same should be printed on the original bill as well. This will tell you whether battery is original or not.

    Which ACDelco battery is best?

    ACDelco HMF , ACDelco Sealed VRLA are some of the best ACDelco battery available in market.

    How can I check ACDelco battery capacity?

    Battery capacity is printed on the label along with other information.

    Is ACDelco Battery repairable?

    Most battery these days are maintenance free. However, if your battery is not functioning properly, you can contact the dealer or the manufacturer for further assistance.

    What is the price of ACDelco battery?

    Priced at Rs 917 ACDelco Sealed VRLA is the cheapest battery, while the most expensive battery is ACDelco HMF, which is priced at Rs 15404.
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