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ACDelco Batteries produces a wide range of batteries for Car and Bike. At BatteryDekho, we have 1 different ACDelco Car Batteries models and 1 different ACDelco Bike Batteries models. The most expensive ACDelco battery is HMF priced at 15404. Most popular models for ACDelco includes ACDelco HMF, ACDelco Sealed VRLA. Select a ACDelco battery to find out its latest price, specifications, images and more. Also, compare with other battery brands like Amaron, Base, Exide and Hella. Find best batteries from over 390 dealers across 3567 cities in India.

ACDelco Batteries Price List 2023

Sealed VRLARs.917-1935
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ACDelco Batteries Price

  • ACDelco HMF
    ACDelco HMF
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    ACDelco HMF Variants
    • Rs.3082*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,32.0 Ah
    • Rs.3124*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,38.0 Ah
    • Rs.3124*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,38.0 Ah
    • Rs.3389*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3389*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3879*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3879*
      48 Months,Right Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.3947*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,35.0 Ah
    • Rs.4260*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4260*
      24 Months,Left Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4352*
      18 Months,Right Layout ,60.0 Ah
    • Rs.4894*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,44.0 Ah
    • Rs.5229*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,75.0 Ah
    • Rs.5367*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,50.0 Ah
    • Rs.5461*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5462*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5642*
      24 Months,Right Layout ,90.0 Ah
    • Rs.5714*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5714*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.5984*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,75.0 Ah
    • Rs.6119*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.6245*
      36 Months,Left Layout ,65.0 Ah
    • Rs.6332*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.6375*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,90.0 Ah
    • Rs.6376*
      48 Months,Left Layout ,55.0 Ah
    • Rs.6816*
      60 Months,Right Layout ,45.0 Ah
    • Rs.6870*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,45.0 Ah
    • Rs.7134*
      36 Months,Right Layout ,100.0 Ah
    • Rs.9022*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,74.0 Ah
    • Rs.9455*
      18 Months,Left Layout ,80.0 Ah
    • Rs.15404*
      60 Months,Left Layout ,100.0 Ah
  • ACDelco Sealed VRLA
    ACDelco Sealed VRLA
    Warranty : 60 Months
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    ACDelco Sealed VRLA Variants
  • About ACDelco Batteries

    Originally hailing from the United States of America, ACDelco is a renowned automotive parts maker currently under the ownership of General Motors. Apart from making authorized spare parts for all the vehicles of General Motors and other brands in the country, ACDelco is also a prominent maker of electronic systems and batteries, which are supplied all over the world. In the battery business of India, ACDelco has a limited presence, with its offerings currently being sold in the country through the imported route.


    The built-up of ACDelco involves an extensive historical background, which involved the collaboration of two companies, United Delco and AC. It all started with the formation of United Motors Corporation (UMC) in 1916 by William C. Durant, who also founded General Motors in 1908. UMC started its initial operations as a parts supplier to all automotive manufacturers. However, after its acquisition by General Motors in 1918 for $45 million, it became an exclusive supplier only for General Motors and was renamed United Motors Service. After Durant lost his control over General Motors in 1920, United Motors Service continued to be an integral part of General Motors in 1944. Among many of its sub-brands, DELCO automotive ignition starters and generators continued to be one of its most popular sub-brand. In 1960, the company got a new name, United Delco. In 1974, for streamlining its operations in the USA, General Motors merged its AC Spark Plug’s division, which was its part since 1927, with the United Delco. It led to the birth of AC-Delco, which marketed AC and Delco products under its umbrella. And finally, in 1995, both ancillaries joined hands, which resulted in the rebranding of the company as ACDelco.

    About ACDelco batteries

    ACDelco batteries are produced in the USA and are shipped to various other countries, with India being one of its export markets. The car and two-wheeler batteries from ACDelco are available across India at limited sales outlets and online and priced at a premium over other home-grown batteries. During Chevrolet’s existence in the Indian car market, all the vehicles from Chevrolet used to come with ACDelco batteries as standard fitment from the factory, given its association with General Motors. Currently, there are seven different batteries on offer by ACDelco, which are as follows:

    ACDelco VRLA 5Ah battery –

    Exclusively made for two-wheelers, this maintenance-free battery doesn’t require the addition of water and runs on valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA). The plate grids here are made of lead and calcium alloy, which reduces the possibility of corrosion and leakage, thus giving it an impressive life span of claimed five years. With an absorptive glass mat system, the battery promises good high rate discharges and cycling, and stationary performance.

    ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM 36-month battery –

    As the name suggests, this battery uses maintenance-free absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, which eliminates the need for water and avoids the leakage of spills and leakage, thus guaranteeing minimal maintenance. The battery employs a leak-proof pressurized valve system that has been engineered for a safe and long life span. It also helps in the prevention of acid damage to the terminals. The high-density plate oxide of this battery offers the maximum amount of power per pound, while the heavy top lead and through-partition connections help in increasing power output.

    ACDelco Professional 30-month battery –

    This battery uses a high-density negative paste which ensures maximum performance and battery life. The silver calcium stamped alloy used for the battery also increases the battery life. The positive grid of the battery employs calcium lead, which is responsible for maximizing conductivity and lower resistance. The robust envelope separator in the battery has a puncture-resistant back that facilitates optimum acid flow, thus avoiding any possibility of a short circuit and keeping the battery cool. Its vent cap design prevents acid leakage from the battery, which is further strengthened by its ribbed case, which is 100 per cent pressure tested. The same attributes are the same for the longer-living ACDelco Professional 42-month battery.

    ACDelco Heavy Duty AGM 24-month battery –

    This truck battery has a durable design that is strong enough to withstand strong road vibrations. A fine-grain and corrosion-resistant grid are produced by an optimized calcium alloy for this battery. This alloy decreases the water consumption of the battery, which eventually increases its life span. This battery uses robust envelope separators, which are designed with a puncture-resistant back web, for better circulation of acid, thus remaining cool even under extensive usage. Its vent caps have been designed for resisting leakage of acid from the battery.

    ACDelco Advantage Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free 18-month battery –

    Available with both stud and post terminal offerings, this battery gets a strong internal fusion weld, which helps in maximizing the performance life of the battery. The life of this battery is also enhanced by negative paste and calcium alloy, which minimizes water consumption. The battery uses a durable envelope separator, which further improves the battery life by easing the acid circulation and resisting punctures. A maintenance-free performance is taken care of by the permanently sealed covers, which also prevents any kind of leakage.

    ACDelco Advantage Heavy Duty Flooded Filler Cap 18-month battery -

    Unlike the maintenance-free battery mentioned above, it doesn’t get permanently sealed covers. Instead, it has conventional terminals designed to prevent acid leaks and black posts, thus keeping the terminal points clean and free from corrosion. The positive and negative terminals of the battery use lead and calcium alloy, which further strengthens its ability to fight corrosiveness, thus increasing the life cycle. The optimal performance of the battery is ensured by premium alloys and high-density paste. At the same time, the envelope separator made of polyvinyl chloride reduces the possibility of corrosion.

    Availability of ACDelco batteries

    At BatteryDekho, you can compare the prices and find out information about all the batteries offered by ACDelco at the moment in India. You can also find the details of all the authorized stores, which are selling the ACDelco batteries across the country.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on ACDelco Batteries

    How long can an ACDelco battery last?

    The lifespan of a battery totally depends upon vehicles condition. If you do a regular check ACDelco battery should last for about 4-5 years.

    How to check ACDelco battery warranty?

    Battery warranty differs according to model and manufacturer. Contact battery dealer or manufacturer for warranty details.

    How to check original ACDelco battery?

    Look for serial number on the battery and the same should be printed on the original bill as well. This will tell you whether battery is original or not.

    Which ACDelco battery is best?

    ACDelco HMF , ACDelco Sealed VRLA are some of the best ACDelco battery available in market.

    How can I check ACDelco battery capacity?

    Battery capacity is printed on the label along with other information.

    Is ACDelco Battery repairable?

    Most battery these days are maintenance free. However, if your battery is not functioning properly, you can contact the dealer or the manufacturer for further assistance.

    What is the price of ACDelco battery?

    Priced at Rs 917 ACDelco Sealed VRLA is the cheapest battery, while the most expensive battery is ACDelco HMF, which is priced at Rs 15404.
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