Help & FAQ

  • 1: Who are we?
    BatteryDekho is brought to you by the same guys who brought you CarDekho, Gaadi and now own Zigwheels. We are car enthusiasts and for us, a car's components matter as much as its sum of parts. We strive to provide you authentic, genuine battery-related information that you can use and we back that up by our massive experience in the automotive sector.
  • 2: What do we offer?
    We offer information about batteries, which is classified into articles, videos and photo galleries. We provide you accurate battery prices and help you connect with authentic dealers from where you can procure the battery for your car.
  • 3: But why BatteryDekho only?
    BatteryDekho exists for one important reason - batteries play an important role in a car yet, there are few portals dedicated to addressing the queries related to batteries. Hence, BatteryDekho exists to allay the concerns of vehicle owners by providing them correct information about batteries and answering all their queries about batteries.
  • 4: How can I search for a battery for my car on BatteryDekho?
    All you have to do is enter your vehicle's make and model along with the fuel type and all comparable batteries will be listed. Click here to find the right battery for your car.
  • 5: I need some battery-related information, How does BatteryDekho help me with that?
    Simply ask our expert for the same. Here is the link to get all your battery-related queries answered.
  • 6: How accurate are the prices of batteries on BatteryDekho?
    We have taken extreme pains to ensure the prices listed are as accurate as possible. However, due to varying levels of taxes leveled by different states, there would be variation in pricing(though by a tiny margin). To ensure so is the case, we have averaged prices across all states for better user (that means you) experience.
  • 7: Can I purchase batteries on BatteryDekho?
    For now, unfortunately no. However, we are working hard to ensure you can buy batteries from BatteryDekho in near future.