Exide EEZY FEZ0-EZ65R Battery

Exide EEZY FEZ0-EZ65R Battery


  • Dimensions 260x173x223 (mm)
  • Acid Level Indicator No
  • Battery Level Indicator Not Present
  • Nominal Filled Weight 17. kg
  • Capacity 65.0 Ah
  • Orientation Right Layout
  • Warranty 18 Months

1. Improving cycle life and resistance to bumps and vibrations. 

2. The rugged grid profile provides good cranking power and endurance.

3. The special Hybrid alloy system. 

4. Built-in anti-splash guards placed at the top vented lid fitted with coin flush vent plug for all battery types. 

5. Low maintenance battery.


    The Exide Eezy with advanced features, cutting-edge design and powered by latest technology. The Exide Eezy, special Hybrid alloy system ensures that the battery withstands the toughest environment and high under-bonnet temperatures.