A Mahindra roadster, it is the first vehicle to sit on the company’s EV dedicated MESMA platform Prior to unwrapping its vehicles at Expo, Mahindra created the buzz by releasing the teaser of four

By BatteryDekho Team2020-02-13 11:36:20

Mahindra Pavillion features 3 production-ready electric vehicles After releasing teasers before the Auto Expo 2020, Mahindra finally unwrapped its wide range of electric vehicles at the ongoing

By BatteryDekho Team2020-02-11 11:59:05

Around 12 EV start-ups are showcasing their products with futuristic technology at Asia’s largest automotive event Sighting the hustle-bustle in the electric vehicle (EV) segment and mass

By BatteryDekho Team2020-02-06 07:24:09

Gurgaon based Napino Auto & Electronics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the US-based Farasis Energy Inc. to provide lithium-ion battery pack for 2W and 3W for the Indian

By Anand Priyadarshi2019-09-04 10:59:05

Replacing a car battery is not a very big task as such. Anyone can perform a battery change without much of a hassle. However, precautions must be taken while performing the same due to harmful

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-04-05 10:12:37

Your car won’t start. What now? You may think that your battery is dead, but if other components like lights and electrical systems are working properly,then your battery might just need a jump

By BatteryDekho Team2016-03-22 05:26:10

A battery should be treated in the same as any other component of a vehicle. It means that rules like wear and tear, damage, efficient usage, etc. would apply to a battery as much as they would

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-03-01 10:41:29

Technology is such a topic of discussion that one can spend days talking about the way it has touched our lives and the speed at which it has changed. When we factor in automotive technologies, the

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-01-25 09:14:03

A car’s battery is responsible for running a lot of electrical systems, be it whether the car’s engine is running or not. A car’s battery needs to be charged fully to retain its

By Anand Priyadarshi2016-01-09 09:07:19
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