Omega Seiki Ties Up With US-Based C4V To Introduce Solid State Batteries In India

Published On 22-Apr-2021 12:29:29By BatteryDekho Team

Omega Seiki, a part of Anglian Omega Group of companies, said it has joined hands with New York-based company C4V to introduce solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and the renewable sector in India.

As part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the two companies are also looking at the manufacturing of solid-state batteries in the country.

The batteries would find usage in Omega Seiki''s range of electric vehicles, the company said in a statement.

The solid-state batteries offer high energy density without compromising on affordability.

Initially, as part of the partnership, C4V will be supplying bio-mineralised lithium mixed metal phosphate batteries (BM-LMP) to Omega Seiki. Such batteries have an energy density of 200 watts/kg which is 20 per cent more than the lithium ferrous phosphate batteries available in the market.

Eventually, C4V plans to produce solid-state batteries with 400Wh/kg energy density in India to cater to EV and renewable markets, Omega Seiki said.

"Omega Seiki is all set to revolutionise the electric vehicle market in India with these new C4V batteries. Not only are they environmentally friendly but also have a higher energy density, allowing our vehicles to go the extra mile. We believe in offering our consumers the best and with solid-state batteries, the latest in battery technology available globally," Omega Seiki Mobility Chairman Uday Narang said.

C4V Founder Shailesh Upreti said the company is going to introduce thermally stable solid-state batteries for the first time in the Indian Market.

"Extensive R&D and the last 10 years of development work is going to help us pioneer cell manufacturing in the India market. The country certainly requires best in class technology for domestic battery manufacturing and we are very excited and proud to bring this to India," he added.

Upreti further noted that the company''s batteries were designed to meet emerging market needs.

"Our manufacturing platform is highly compatible with countries yet to develop cell manufacturing supply chains. We are looking at a modest speed scale up to the target 5GW in three years from now," he added.

Source: PTI

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