Did you know these interesting facts about an automotive battery?

Now that we have established how important a battery is for a vehicle and that it is quite an interesting piece of hardware, we come to some facts that will make you take this vehicle component seriously. A lot of facts ypou may already be knowing about a vehicle battery, but some emerge as the technology that makes use of a battery’s energy changes. With that said, why not go through the following facts and wonder what a marvel a vehicle battery is:
Interesting Battery facts

1. Latest technologies like a start-stop system helps in increasing fuel efficiency while also helping the negative impact on the environment. However, such technologies strain the battery a lot more than usual. Therefore, you should always fit good quality batteries.
2. If a car battery dies before its time (premature failure), this might be caused due to electrical faults, under charging of the battery or through other defective charging systems.
3. When replacing a battery, make sure the new battery has the same specifications as the old one or is suitable for your vehicle. You can tally the numbers of both the batteries to check for the same.
4. Nowadays, cars have a lot of computers that monitor and control various systems, these keep draining the battery when the car is parked. Therefore, batteries discharge when left idle for sustained periods.
5. Maintenance-free batteries need to be monitored in hot climatic conditions. Water in the electrolytes gets lost due to charging currents or excessive charging voltage. So, distilled water needs to be added in these circumstances (if it is possible).
6. A common myth, people say that larger capacity batteries damages the car. But this is not the case now because a starter motor will only draw the required amount of power from the battery according to its load resistance.

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