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Exide offers 1 battery models for Bike. The cheapest Bike battery is Amaron Beta which is priced at Rs 840. The most expensive Bike battery in the Amaron portfolio is the (Amaron Beta), which retails at Rs 1899.

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  • Amaron Beta
    Amaron Beta
    Warranty : 60 Months
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  • About Amaron Bike Batteries

    In the last two decades, Amaron has become a significant name when it comes to the battery business in India. This new generation battery brand is one of the pioneers of maintenance-free batteries in the country. The Amaron battery brand belongs to Tirupati-based Amara Raja Group, which apart from making batteries, also has its hands in other sectors like electronic products, power system production, packaged foods and beverages and fabrication of sheet metal products.


    In 1985, Ramachandra Naidu Galla from Andhra Pradesh saw a vision of making a conglomerate and founded Amara Raja Group of companies. The company started its venture in making batteries in 2001 in a joint venture with Johnson Controls Inc, which during that time, was the world’s largest maker of automotive batteries. It led to the birth of Amaron. The battery division was named after the grandparents of Galla, Amravati and Rajagopal Naidu.

    About Amaron batteries

    Currently, Amaron ranks as one of the top-selling battery brands of India, making batteries for both passenger cars and two-wheelers. Amaron offers a wide range of batteries, which are as follows:

    For passenger cars

    Amaron PRO –

    This maintenance-free battery for cars offers a high cranking power, along with high heat tolerance and vibration tolerance, to make sure that they perform the best in the stringent Indian climatic and tarmac conditions. The Amaron PRO comes with patented BIC vents, which improve its safety by preventing spillage of acid out of the casing. The battery also promises the highest reserve capacity and a long life span. The highest warranty offered by this warranty is of 60 months, while it is on sale in ratings between 35-100 Ah.

    Amaron GO –

    The biggest highlight of the Amaron GO maintenance-free battery is the premium silver alloy, Silver X, used while making its casing. This alloy is one of the best in the business to prevent corrosion, making it durable in the longer run. The Amaron GO also ensures proper resistance to vibrations and high temperatures, which further amplify its durability. The battery is available in the ratings between 45-70 Ah and is offered with a warranty of 36 months in total.

    Amaron FLO –

    Another popular maintenance-free battery from the house of Amaron, the FLO comes with patented BIC vents. These vents make it a safe battery capable of preventing spillage of acid from the casing. This battery offers high cranking power, high heat tolerance and vibration resistance, thus making it a suitable option for use in adverse climatic conditions and road surfaces. Available in a rating range of 35-80 Ah, the Amaron FLO can be had with a maximum warranty period of 55 months.

    Amaron Black –

    One of the entry-level and most affordable car batteries available from Amaron, the Black is a durable battery that offers impressive resistance to vibrations and high temperatures. This low-cost maintenance-free battery has a high reserve capacity. Its casing made of silver alloys makes it durable and safe enough by resisting any chances of corrosion to the terminals. The Amaron Black is available in ratings between 35-80 Ah and comes with a standard warranty of 18 months.

    Amaron Fresh –

    This low-cost battery from Amaron impresses with its sturdiness and tough casing, making it one of the most durable and safe options to use in the long run. The overall casing structure of the Amaron Fresh is manufactured of silver alloys, which ensure that no spillage of acid takes place from its terminals. For an entry-level battery, the cranking power offered by Amaron Fresh is commendable. Amaron Fresh is offered with a warranty of 12 months and can be had in one of the ratings between 35-65 Ah.

    For commercial vehicles

    Amaron Hi-Way –

    The biggest battery manufactured by Amaron for vehicles, the Hi-Way is a battery that is specifically made for large trucks and buses. The casing made of premium silver alloys gives it good resistance to high temperatures and chances of corrosion. Thanks to the large inter-cell welds with 19mm lugs, the battery offers high cranking power. The Amaron Hi-Way is available with a 24-month warranty and in ratings between 100-200 Ah. For two-wheelers

    Amaron Pro Bike Rider –

    All the Amaron Pro Bike Rider batteries for two-wheelers come with an up-to-date valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology. This technology uses an oxygen recombination principle for curbing water loss and thus giving maintenance-free properties to the battery. It is one of the main features which make it a durable and trouble-free option to use in the longer run. The battery also promises to offer a high cranking power even in the harshest climatic conditions. The Amaron Pro Bike Rider battery is available for all types of two-wheelers, including scooters and motorcycles, in a capacity range of 2.5-9 Ah and offers a warranty of 48 months in total.

    Availability of Amaron batteries

    Amaron has a widespread network across the country, which sells a wide range of batteries from its authorized outlets. However, you can check out the specifications, features and prices of all these batteries from the comfort of your home at BatteryDekho. After checking out the details, you can also order your preferred battery from the website.
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    • Q.

      I want to buy a battery for my 5yrs old Maruti wagon car (Petrol) Pl advise



      You can start with Hella FF36 battery. It offers high cranking power and a warranty of 36 months. Something better than this would be Amaron FLO. While it also offers high cranking power, the warranty for this products is 48 months.


      Answered 18 Nov 2016 04:29:25

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