ACDelco Sealed VRLA IACDV9-B Battery

ACDelco Sealed VRLA IACDV9-B Battery


  • Dimensions 137x76x139 (mm)
  • Nominal Filled Weight 3.2 kg
  • Capacity 9.0 Ah
  • Warranty 60 Months
*Estimated Price, without returning old battery

  • Leak-proof sealed construction

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • High Cranking Power

  • Lead-Calcium-Tin alloy

  • Low self discharge and long shelf life

  • High Energy through superior cyclic durability

  • High Vibration resistance


    ACDelco VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are designed to offer high cranking power even in toughest of the conditions. The batteries offer excellent resistance to corrosion on the account of the alloys used. The rib pattern on the sidewalls help the batteries in withstanding tough temperatures, thereby making them very durable. Batteries come in factory-charged mode and are easy to install.