Know About Batteries

Here are the different types of batteries that you can buy in market today

Technology is such a topic of discussion that one can spend days talking about the way it has touched our lives and the speed at which it has changed. When we factor in automotive technologies, the...

By Anand Priyadarshi25-Jan-2016 09:14:03
How to Change a car battery?

Replacing a car battery is not a very big task as such. Anyone can perform a battery change without much of a hassle. However, precautions must be taken while performing the same due to harmful...

By Anand Priyadarshi05-Apr-2016 10:12:37
What, When, Why: Pulse Chargers for automotive batteries

An automotive battery, if left unused over time, starts losing its charge. This happens as the electrolyte in the battery, which is sulfuric acid, keeps reacting with the plates inside the battery...

By Anand Priyadarshi01-Dec-2015 06:21:22
Do you know which components are powered by a battery in a car?

After the engine, a car battery can arguably be considered as the next major component of a vehicle. A car battery is nothing but a rechargeable battery that provides electrical energy for carrying...

By Anand Priyadarshi29-Dec-2015 06:20:31
Did you know these interesting facts about an automotive battery?

Now that we have established how important a battery is for a vehicle and that it is quite an interesting piece of hardware, we come to some facts that will make you take this vehicle component...

By Anand Priyadarshi21-Dec-2015 06:19:44
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